NBCUniversal Senior UX Designer    •    Responsive Website    •   Data driven Design


Initially was brought in to help the UX team improve and enhance the “Hayu” online streaming platform; established a UX Research driven process and then got involved in many other projects to bring in a more user centred design approach.


  • Presenting ideas to teams and senior stakeholders
  • Managing and balancing the requirements of multiple stakeholders and third party vendors
  • UX Direction and user centred Design for several web apps and websites including “unwrapt”, “Syfy Horror”, “Universal Classics Channel” and others currently under development.
  • Provided extra UXD support and research for maintaining and updating the “hayu” streaming website and mobile apps
  • Established data driven UX Design and streamlined process across the NBCU Digital projects
  • Utilizing modular design and common design patterns as well as agile methodologies
  • Journey mapping, Blueprints, Personas
  • IA (User flows, Site mapping, Task models, Wireframing etc)

Role Senior UX Designer
Platform Web
Brand NBCUniversal
Year 2016-2018


  • Contributed to overall improvement of the “hayu” platform user experience based on ux performance metrics, the overall usability of the website increased according to test results. This contributed to an overall increase of customer conversion and retention rates.
  • Helped establish user testing process from early stages to delivery and continuous optimisation became a standard for the team. Majority of the new projects were delivered with UX performance monitoring plans.
  • Significantly contributed in establishing a user centric data driven process and sealed it with setting up an in-house user testing lab and also utilising online user testing platforms and tools (user zoom, usability hub and optimal workshop).

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Achievements Improving UXD Process
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