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Project Overview

Discovery networks has quite a large selection of programs available to watch via various brands and affiliates in Europe. In an effort to converge and unify the service it was decided that discovery+ should be more consistent across countries and platforms.Based on a feature specific gap analysis and market research findings between discovery+ websites and apps from several countries; one of the features flagged to keep in the unified approach was the TV-Guide (also known as EPG) section.


Design an EPG module to be built in discovery+ International (new component). This must be consistent with all platforms and based on up to date usability and accessibility standards

Role UX Manager
Platform Cross Platform
Brand discovery+
Year 2021
EPG Design

UX Design Process

The “Double Diamond” describes the UX Design process I followed for this case. It can take hours, days, weeks or months for each step of the process depending on the scale of the project. In this case it took a 2 week sprint

Product Process 1
product process 2
Daily UXD Actions 2 Week Sprint
Product Process