Audi Lead UX Designer    •    Responsive Website    •   User Centred Process


Leading the in-house design team through and delivering the new Audi UX Vision guidelines while streamlining UXD process and boosting delivery.


  • As the Lead UX I helped define and document the new CX/UX vision by establishing a “diverge - converge process” of discovery, definition, design and delivery.
  • Kept senior stakeholders informed and involved while streamlining the UX design process to be picked up by the internal team.
  • Delivered UX complete documentation and interactive prototypes based user centered Design for Audi online sales.
  • Provided complete UXD support for maintaining and updating the existing website and online tools.
  • Established data driven UX Design and streamlined DEsign process across the online assets
  • Boosted awareness and knowledge around UX best practices and ROI
  • Supervised production of IA deliverables(User flows, Site mapping, Task models, Wireframing etc)

Role Lead UX Designer
Platform Web & Mobile
Brand Audi
Year 2018


  • Performance monitoring of the current Audi website showed significantly increased click through rates and efficiency of digital campaigns for new models such as E-tron and new Audi A1, while working within very limited timelines and development sources.
  • Early insights and research on the proposed new MVP showed a significant increase in user satisfaction and engagement. The business’s feedback on the new process and quality delivered was outstanding.
  • Significantly contributed in establishing a user centric data driven process

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Achievements Improving UXD Process
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